Paradise Wyandottes

We sell fertile Wyandotte Eggs when in season Ie, July to October. We also sell Food Grade 95% Pure
Amorphous  Silica Diatomite and  Virkon "S" Virucidal, Anti bacterial and Fungicidal 
powder.  We post or courier Australia wide, including overnight Priority paid delivery.

Web Store Items

Purebred Gold, Silver Wyandotte Roosters for sale.  G. Owens X K Barritt.  $45.00

Purebred blue laced gold Wyandotte Rooster for sale.  B Newton line.  $45.00

Purebred Dark barred Plymouth Rock Rooster. Good type.  $45.00

Rhode Island Red pullets and Roosters. G Sharp x J Latemore/W Cox.  Exc Types. $55-00