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Food grade fresh water Amorphous Cilica 15 Micron Diatomite

Diatomaceous Earth

Q : How does food grade Diatomaceous Earth benefit my body internally and externally and do I take it with food ??

A: Once consumed , Food grade Absorba-Cide works in 3 fairly different ways:

Firstly make absolutely sure that what you are buying is “Food Grade 15 Micron Fresh Water Amorphous Silica Diatomite”!! If it contains traces of “Chrystalline Silica”, and is say 250 Micron (which is the “Fines” grade) then it is not Food Grade and may well have been mined from seawater DE deposits. There are only 5 or 6 mines in the world that can claim to produce 15 micron Freshwater Silica and at least two of those mines are here in Australia.

Moving on. As the Silica (SiO2) particles of Diatomite move thru the digestive tract and the colon, it attracts and absorbs antioxidant debris and unwanted bacteria that the body needs to excrete. It is highly effective against, fungi, viruses, endotoxins and even pesticide and drug residues and more importantly; E-Coli. Any larger parasites that are residing in the stomach and digestive tract are scraped and shredded by the sharp glass like edges of the tiny crushed “Diatoms.” As they die they are excreted by the body, leaving a much healthier inner you; with less chance of future sickness.

Secondly. Diatomite particles are extremely hard and abrasive on a mini scale. Where diamonds are a 9 on the density/hardness scale, Diatomite is still a very hard 7.5 !! The importance of this is that as the hundreds of thousands of tiny shards of sharp Diatomite shapes pass through the small and large intestines, they "scrape the walls clean.”

After several weeks of a daily 1 or 2 teaspoons of 15 Micron Diatomite, the intestine walls are no longer coated with mucus and slimy residues of junk food, but instead are clean and healthy and full of tiny oxygen rich blood vessels. Our 95% pure Amorphous Silica with mineral rich Fresh Water Diatoms, then leave behind the following essential trace elements and minerals to be absorbed by a now healthy intestine.

Silica (Si02), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Manganese (Mn), Phosphorus(P), Potassium(K), Iron (Fe), Cobalt (Co), Molybdenum (Mo), Sulphur(S), Zinc (Zn).


These help to create regular bowel movements and a healthier Colon. This in itself is an important factor as we age, as a clean healthy colon keeps away polyps, ulcers and some claim even cancers. The use of Food grade 10 t0 20 micron Diatomite will completely reverse your trips to the chemist shop and your deposits of cash into the Drug company bank accounts.

The other benefits to the cash savings, will be the increased energy, as consumed food is more readily digested and sleeping in will be a thing of the past. This is a result of all the food and nutrients that are consumed, being more naturally absorbed into the blood stream. With a bloated unhealthy colon--many nutrients go unabsorbed.

Most importantly, a small amount of Diatomite gets absorbed into the blood stream as silica, a vitally essential trace mineral that is lacking in most modern day diets. The Human body needs to store around 7 grams of Silica and the 21st Century Wham Bam ultra fast diet, does not cater for our bodies needs in that regard.

What role exactly, does Silica play in our Health ??

Sio2 is not a widely recognised essential trace element considering its importance in our metabolism. It is a combination of silicon and oxygen, the two most abundant elements on our planet.  It is in the grass that herbivores eat and while meat eaters do not consume the same levels, they obtain some from the meats they consume.  Sio2 is found in many Antioxidant rich food sources such as fruit and vegetables, especially leafy greens; onions, steamed jacket potatoes and whole grains.

Quote M A Farook “Despite being among the most abundant elements on earth, silicates do not provide bioavailable dietary SiO2. In fact, phytolithic silica occurring in plants is often associated with polysaccharide/carbohydrate components of the cell wall and is only absorbed at 1–20% depending on the food source (Martin, 2007). Further, high levels of Si are found in Onions, Potatoes, some dark Greens and unrefined grains such as wheat, oat, rice, and barley bran (Jugdaohsingh, 2007).”

Is Silica necessary for bone growth and body development. ??

Silica is absolutely essential for bone growth and body development.  When young, our body has abundant levels of silica and is the main reason why children normally have beautiful silky hair, soft skin and perfect nails.  We are born with large amounts of silica and low amounts of calcium. As we age, our diet generally fails to replace silica and as a result calcium is leached from our bones leading to calcification” of joints and tissues and a decline in our glandular functions.


Is Silica needed for the absorption of Calcium?

Absolutely!! Calcium requires vitamin D3 for optimum absorption and D3 requires Silica in a symbiotic sort of way to make that happen and to build strong bones; hair, nails and teeth.  A Calcium deficiency is invariably associated with a deficiency in Silica. Several studies have indicated that people with broken bones, heal more quickly when silica levels are high; irrespective of their bodies calcium levels.

Silica promotes correct mineral balance between calcium and magnesium, which in turn helps with your hormonal balance. Hormonal imbalances can lead to osteoporosis.  By keeping hormones in balance, Silica enhances bone mineralisation; which in turn is invaluable in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis.

Silica energises the immune system and it is a perception that this action of alkalisation could tend to lead the bodies blood PH levels to a slightly base state, rather than with an acidic reading.  The normal PH (Potential of Hydrogen) value of the stomach content is 4. The alkalising property of silica can be considered an important tool against any acidic environment within the body!! This acidic environment quite often occurs as a result of poor dietary choices which can then result in a compromised immune system, systemic weight problems, constant tiredness and unexplained illnesses. 

Much has been said and written about having an alkaline system, but when all is said and done; the gut is PH4 (acid) and our blood is PH 7.4 (slightly base).

In an article Water, Alkalinity and PHd by acknowledged Author Mark Sircus from IMVA Website and written in 2011.

(see enclosed link)

He makes the following Conclusions.

Alkaline solutions, at about pH 8.5 has been shown to overtly increase the antioxidant effect by up to 60% relative to the same compound tested in a near biological pH of 7.4 [1]

This then can be said to give credence to the Alkaline “healthy body” theory and that is simply what it is. Theory, with some supporting logic. It simply implies that the growing Antioxidant food movement are on the money so to speak! An alkaline diet of carbohydrates of wholegrains, nuts, pulses and beans supported by leafy greens, fruit, vegetables and berry fruits with some eggs and dairy is once again; on the money. Lean meats 3 or 4 times a week, is a perfect way to balance out a very healthy diet.

Nothing will change the fact that a perfectly healthy individual has a blood Ph of 7.4 !!

Sang Whang, one of the world’s great experts on reversing aging reminds us that, “The ingredients in the stomach cell that make hydrochloric acid (HCl) are carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O), and sodium chloride (NaCl) or potassium chloride (KCl).”

NaCl + H2O + CO2 = HCl + NaHCO3, or
KCl + H2O + CO2 = HCl + KHCO3

Wang says, “In order to digest food and kill the kinds of bacteria and viruses that come with the food, the inside of our stomach is acidic. The stomach pH value is maintained at around 4. When we eat food and drink water, especially alkaline water, the pH value inside the stomach goes up.


When this happens, there is a feedback mechanism in our stomach to detect this and commands the stomach wall to secrete more hydrochloric acid into the stomach to bring the pH value back to 4, so the stomach becomes acidic again. When we drink more alkaline water, more hydrochloric acid is secreted to maintain the stomach pH value.” As we can see from the above chemical equations, the byproduct of making hydrochloric acid; is sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) or potassium bicarbonate (KHCO3).


In response to ingestion of sodium bicarbonate or high pH alkaline water the production of hydrochloric acid is actually increased because the stomach responds to lower the pH back down to normal acidic conditions. So as we take more alkalinity from drinking high pH and alkaline water, it forces our stomach to produce more acid (and a balancing amount of bicarbonate).


The bottom line, is that a net gain of alkalinity is achieved in the body and this is very helpful; in a body struggling to maintain equilibrium.


[1] Lee, H., Cha, M., Kim, I. Activation of thiol-dependant antioxidant activity of human serum albumin by alkaline pH is due to the b-like conformational change

So, it would seem apparent, that whether the benefits are derived from Silica content in Diatomite or from a glass of clean water with a half teaspoon of Bicarb of Soda, it is likely to support the manufacture of antibodies and antigens!! Of which both of these are essential components of a healthy immune system.  Silica is used by every single cell and every internal gland within our bodies.  Silica has an impact on strengthening the cardiovascular system, as well as the central nervous system which relies on calcium and magnesium for the optimal transmission of nerve impulses.  Silica also may be of value in the elderly for offering protection against Alzheimer’s since it counteracts aluminium’s effects on the body by aiding its removal

It may support the lowering of cholesterol and blood pressure, when supported by a healthy Antioxidant rich diet.

Can the inclusion of Diatomite aid the liming of cereal crops and increase the Si-o2 of grain?

Yes. Grains that are grown in some areas of Australia, may have a depletion of silica and other trace elements and minerals due to many factors such as over cropping, excess irrigation raising acid levels, no composting of vegetation back into the soils. The use of Diatomite in pasture and cropping can however help re establish those important soil minerals and trace elements by fast tracking the absorption of lime, which in turn aids the uptake of phosphates in an already depleted and tired paddock. This allows for a more Silica rich soil, enabling better yields while in turn leaving a more carbon friendly footprint by lessening the carbon emitted in the usual liming process.. The end result is a better yield with more silicon rich grain, which in turn can flow along the food chain and be supplied in our food. Diatomite, all in all; is a simple and inexpensive way to supply the silica your body needs.

Other Health points about Silica include:

  • Sore joints feeling better .
  • Stalling the onset of Osteoporosis and the aging process.
  • Supports healing and reduces scarring at the site of a fracture.
  • Healthier skin, nails, bones and joints.
  • Collagen is largely made up of silica and helps anti-aging.
  • Hair at 90 micrograms per gram is almost as rich in silica as are healthy bones, which contain 100 micrograms per gram.
  • Preserves teeth and prevents cavities, bleeding gums, gum atrophy and recession that causes the loosening of teeth. Sprinkle food grade Diatomite on your normal toothpaste.
  • Finger nail plates are complex protein structures that grow 4 or 5 mm per month. Silica can help strengthen nails prone to breaking.
  • Has anti-inflammatory effects on the intestinal tract.
  • Silica may help arterial disease by toning blood vessels.
  • By improving the elasticity of joints, silica may help rheumatism.
  • Silica may have inhibitory effects on coronary disease.

Dosage: Take ½ to 1 teaspoon mixed in a glass lemon water once or twice a day. There is no unpleasant taste. Since it will not dissolve, stirring several times while drinking will prevent settling. Some have experienced higher energy levels, so it is probably better not to take it right before sleeping. Don’t worry about consuming too much, as any excess silica will be excreted.

Diatomaceous Earth for pets and farm animals.

Pets - Lightly rubbed into their coats and dusted around their kennels, cages or yard areas is effective against fleas, ticks, mites and lice. Suitable for dogs, cats, equines, bovines, porcines, sheep, goats, poultry and birds. It can also be used as an organic wormer and will kill many worms or parasites the pets may have.


As a general guide for worming, mix the Diatomite into their food as follows:

• Large Cats – 1/2 teaspoon 
• Kittens - 1/4 teaspoon 
• Dogs 100 lbs + - 1 tablespoon 
• Dogs 50 - 100lbs - 1 dessertspoon 
• Dogs Under 50 lbs – 1 to 2 teaspoons 
• Small dogs - 1/2 – 1 teaspoon 

Apply to moist kennel areas to reduce odours, dry the area and prevent pests breeding. Deodorizing and absorption are natural functions of DE, so add to kitty litter to absorb odours.


Diatomite is completely safe and nontoxic.

Some of the benefits that have been observed:

• Control of fleas and ticks 
• Stimulates the pets basic metabolism 
• Converts feed better 
• Reduces the desire to lick soil 
•  Reduces odour and moisture in sheds and stables 
• Better coat and hoof condition 
• Keeps fly larvae from developing in manure, noticeably reducing the fly population and germ spread.
•  Decreased Mastitis in Cattle 
•  Increased milk yield in Dairy Cattle
• Kills parasites without chemicals 
• Better egg production, stronger eggs.

• Added to livestock waters may prevent algae growing 

Suggested Feeding and Application for Animal Rates:

• Beef & Dairy Cattle: 1 cup e@. per day 
• Calves: 1 tablesoon per day in feed when weaning
• Chickens: 5% in feed. Spread @ ½ handful per m2 ground, 1 dessertspoon per nest box 
• Pigs: 5% of total feed ration. Spread @ 1 handful per m2 ground & Pens and to dust or spray animals 
• Horses: 1 cup in daily feed ration  

For large animals, Diatomite may also be offered "free Choice" as long as the dispenser is protected from the wind. Your livestock will also get the benefit of 12 to 14 trace elements and minerals that make up Diatomaceous Earth.

Using Diatomaceous Earth as an Organic pest control

Household Pests:

Diatomite is a natural, organic insect killer. Diatomite kills by physical action and not chemically, so there is no harm to pets or humans. The tiny hard and sharp diatoms scratch off the insects waxy coating, allowing the talc like Diatomite to absorb the insects body moisture, so causing it to dehydrate. Use Diatomite for control of roaches, silverfish, ants, fire ants, bedbugs, lice, mites, spiders, earwigs, flies, fleas, scorpions, crickets, and many other insects. DE can be used in and around the home, yard, animal housing, etc. Sprinkle a 10 cm wide border around the foundation of your house to prevent insects from entering. Diatomite will not harm earthworms or beneficial soil microorganisms.


One of the most prevalent pests of recent years in Australia, is the ever increasing outbreaks of bedbugs Also a big problem all over the United States, Europe and the UK. DE will kill bedbugs safely without chemicals. Treat each room one by one. Lay out a large plastic painters drop sheet and lightly dust e@ piece of bedding, both sides and put in the center of the dropsheet. (Use a cheap throw away plastic pepper shaker, with half of the holes taped over)

Dust some DE both sides of the mattress and especially in the joins and creases. Dust DE in the carpets and in corners of room. Caution: After turning off the Mains power, Carefully loosen electrical outlet covers and puff some DE inside the cavity, but Not on the connected wires. Fold up the linen, blankets, Doonas and covers by joining the drop sheet corners together an take outside and shake vigorously for a couple of minutes so that all bugs will be coated. Hang the bedding on the line to air for half a day!! Shake out all loose Diatomite and put thru the hot longest wash cycle or take to the local laundromat.

Do this routine to each infected room until no more bed bugs are alive. Leave the carpets until the next day to catch any missed bugs that come out at night. Vacuum up and empty into double plastic bin bags, tape up tightly and dispose to a waste station.

Plant Pests:

Applying as a 25o Micron Powder

For control of aphids, white fly, beetles, loopers, mites, snails, slugs, leaf hoppers, and others, use Diatomite inside your home, greenhouse or outdoors on fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, grains and grass, up to and including day of harvest. For dry application of Diatomite use a duster and cover entire plant, apply to both top and bottom of leaf. For young plants, as little as two Kg per Hectare may be adequate. For larger plants, four to five Kgs per hectare is probably sufficient. Diatomite will need re-application after a rain. Applies best when there is dew or after a light rain. It is a long lasting, effective powder. The insects can not build up resistance.

Applying as a 15 Micron Spray

Diatomite can be sprayed or whitewashed by mixing 1 cup of 15 Micron Absorba-Cide to 5 litres of water. If the infestation is heavy mix 1 cup to 3 litres of water. Stir frequently and spray/paint trees, yards, and fences. Absorba-Cide will not harm earthworms or beneficial soil micro organisms. Wear a dust mask when applying dry or when mixing as the 15 micron dust is talc like and can irritate the eyes, nasal passages and lungs if inhaled in sufficient quantity.

Stored Grain:

Add at the rate of 1 Kg per tonne of grain as it is conveyed into the storage. When added to grain, it not only makes the flow rate more efficient but will kill any insects present in the machinery thus protecting grain from any further infestation. Insects will not build up an immunity as they are killed by physical action and not chemical.

Household Uses for Diatomaceous Earth

• Metal Cleaner: Make a paste with Diatomite and water to make a metal polish. Diatomite also makes a very inexpensive soft scrub for the shower, sink and faucets.

• Face Mask and Cleanser: Mix Diatomite and water together until you have made a paste. Apply to the face with circular scrubbing motion until face is fully covered. Leave on face for approx. 2 min. and then wash off with warm water. Your face will be fully exfoliated and toned for pennies!!! Mix Diatomite with your favourite cleanser and you will have cleaner, smoother skin.

• Teeth Cleaner: Sprinkle a small amount on your favourite brand of toothpaste and brush as you normally would. You will notice that your teeth look and feel "Just went to the Dentist" Clean.


Portions of the previous paragraphs are attributed to Harvey Walks and Hawks Doyle under the Creative Commons goal of sharing information freely for the Publics viewing.     Gracios

The simplistic secret for healthier hair, the smoothest skin and the longest nails

Is It Possible To Get Healthy Hair, Skin And Nails From A Pill?

NO !! But from Diatomite ? Yes !!

So who does not want to have healthy hair, radiant skin and strong nails?  If you are looking to achieve this transformation then consider silica as your new best friend.

Did you know that your skin is the largest and most unique organ of your body and the natural extension of our skin, is our hair and nails.  The condition, dryness and texture of our hair again reflects what is occurring within our bodies and likewise the colour, brittleness and the general condition of our nails is indicative of our overall health.  Sudden hair loss may be indicative of stress, mineral deficiencies or illness.  Blue tinged nails are indicative of an oxygen deficiency and poor circulation or of someone; with out there tastes.

Silica is used by every single cell and every internal gland within our bodies.  Silica has an impact on strengthening the cardiovascular system, as well as the central nervous system; which relies of calcium and magnesium for the optimal transmission of nerve impulses.  Silica is the conduit for the absorption of calcium and magnesium. Research points to Silica being of immense value to the elderly, by the act of prevention/protection against Alzheimer’s disease due to Silicas ability to help in the removal of heavy metals such as aluminium. The research leads on from that done on plants and crops and how Silica uses the same pathways within the plants cellular structure as the heavy metals. In doing so, the Silica is able to use up more of those pathways to assist the plant to enable photosynthesis to take effect more easily. It is thought at this early stage that a similar principle is at work with Silica, in the human body.

So how is Silica of benefit for skin, hair and nails?

Skin damage is occurring all the time, thru wear and tear, aging, work, play, free radical damage to the collagen etc, etc. This will not occur nearly so often if your diet is full of antioxidant rich foods, as discussed in previous pages and paragraphs. The highest levels of natural silica can be gained from Diatomite and this is in the range of 70% up to 95% pure Amorphous Silica (crushed Diatoms). This natural form of Silica can rebuild and regenerate tired skin and collagen, its connective tissue. 

Sources of Silica

A common misconception of many people is, “I can get it in a pill.” That they have been conditioned to thinking all things healthy, come from a pill manufactured by greedy drug companies is laughable; but it is serious business for some. A perfect example is the following claim off a current website.. But don’t worry, there are 1000s more doing the same thing to make a quick buck from the Gullible and or the Lazy.

Quote “Supplements are the best source of correcting silica deficiencies and these are generally derived from the herb Equisetum arvense, commonly referred to as Springtime Horsetail, or Bambuosa vulgaris, often referred to as Bamboo.

Most silica supplements supply this important mineral by using Horsetail extracts which unfortunately only supply between 5% and 8% of organic silica depending upon the brand.  Supplements containingBamboo Extract are the richest source of silica containing 70% of organic silica which is roughly ten times more potent for a more prominent effect on healthy hair, skin and strong nails.

Bamboo Extract helps:

  • to build healthy bones, teeth and nails
  • helps prevents wrinkles and keep skin beautiful
  • helps promote growth of thick, beautiful hair.

Bamboo Extract is not a supplement for the young who have an abundance of silica.  If you are in your forties then it is very likely that you will be deficient in silica.  If you care about the state of your hair, skin and nails, then ensure that you obtain your silica from one source – Bamboo Extract!

Medical Disclaimer :  This content is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. Any suggestions made and all herbs listed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, condition or symptom. Personal directions and use should be provided by a clinical herbalist or other qualified healthcare practitioner.

Sadly, the Medical Disclaimer is the only "Honest Bit" and that is so very typical of the fast pill and the nip and tuck society, of today, that some folks have become and they are no longer a minority. Thru out this article I have supplied articles, links, facts, credits and names and sources for clarification and backup of facts.

For this author to be lame enough to state “Supplements are the best source of correcting silica deficiencies” to gullible people with poor eating habits, or with illness (whether physical or mental), or perhaps with self esteem problems, thyroid and many other causal issues; is Crass to say the least.

Not one mention of a scientific study, or of antioxidant rich foods high in Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin D3 and Silica !! Not in the least, is the truth about to get in the way of a good spiel here; in order to sell more chemically produced pills. mostly from unhygenic third world "Sweat Shops".

The last word I guess, goes to Dr Rita Redberg, California.

RITA REDBERG : I do not recommend vitamin supplements for healthy people, because repeated randomized controlled trials show that they offer NO health benefits. In fact, one large observational study with 19-year follow up published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2011 found a 6% increased mortality in women who take multivitamins. In any event, there is no reason to take these vitamin pills every day (or ever) when there are no health benefits associated with their use.

If you want to improve your health through things you put in your mouth, eat some fruits and vegetables and avoid processed food. Ample studies show these simple guidelines are strongly associated with less heart disease, less cancer and longer life. NONE of these benefits come from vitamin supplements.

Indeed, many people who take vitamins are already healthy from eating well, engaging in regular physical activity and avoiding smoking; the ones who are not will receive no benefit from a pill. Moreover, vitamin pills can be insidious by providing the false assurance that taking a vitamin or two (or 10) somehow will make up for that fast-food burger. But it will not. And the supplements are remarkably expensive; we spend over $20 billion annually on dietary supplements.

Stop buying vitamin supplements, and take the money you save each month and do something that truly will improve how you feel—get a massage!

Dr. Rita Redberg (@RFRedberg) is a professor of medicine and a cardiologist at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center.

Take a Deep Breath and take it Easy

Mike Bourke, Principal ©

All material in this article remains the intellectual property of the Author, or where necessary, to the contributors named in the CREDITS or associated links. No unauthorised use is allowed, under the auspices of the Creative Commons and its goals; unless Full Credits are acknowledged to the rightful authors. Material can be used for domestic, public and Educational use but must not be used for Commercial purposes without written permission of Mike Bourke. All rights are reserved. 10 June 2016. ©

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Animal Care Topics


Disinfection of your animals immediate habitat, such as where they eat, sleep and defecate; entails the removal or destruction of most of the disease causing (pathogenic) micro organisms in their environment and should be carried out to the best of your ability as your animals are wholly dependenant upon you for their quality of life.

Not all organisms are killed by disinfection and in fact the bacterial spores (the tough resistant forms of bacteria) may not be killed. Disinfection is used when it is considered important to reduce the population of micro organisms in the animals environment beyond normal cleaning. Most micro organisms will be destroyed in the cleaning process, but there are still many circumstances where disinfection is recommended.

Situations and Examples of Animal Care Topics.

  • Where an outbreak of a disease has occurred
  • Many animals confined closely together 
  •  Where an animal is unwell or has a reduced immunity to disease
  • cat flu in a cattery
  • strangles in horses
  • kennel cough in dogs
  • dogs in a boarding kennel or veterinary hospital
  • sheep in a shearing shed
  • cattle at sale yards
  • goats in a dairy
  • Equipment that will come in contact with several animals or close contact with an animal
  • brushes ,combs and clothing
  • milking machines
  • clippers
  • teeth cleaning equipment
  • feed and water bowls
  • Poultry pens and Quarantine pens


Disinfection can be achieved in varying ways and the methods used can depend on different situations. Chemical agents such as bleach or chlorides can be used, or other chemicals, or physical methods such as the use of boiling water may be used. These methods are discussed in detail shortly.

Disinfection is aimed at reducing the number of organisms to such an extent that the risk of disease is greatly reduced. It is aimed at minimising the risk of contamination.( introduction of micro-organisms to living tissues, materials or equipment ) There are many chemicals that may have an action on micro-organisms to reduce their numbers. Various chemical disinfectants will produce different results, depending on their action, strength and way in which they are used. Disinfectants that are used on the skin or other surfaces of an animal (such as the mouth or in the vagina) are described as antiseptics. Often antiseptics are weak disinfectant solutions, but not all disinfectants can be used as antiseptics, some will cause serious damage to the skin. Antiseptics will not achieve sterilisation, and act by reducing the population of micro organisms on the skin. (disinfection). Some examples of disinfectants and their usage will now be discussed.

Disinfectants and Antiseptics 

  • Virkon S

A powerful broad spectrum virucidal Disinfectant

A blend of an inorganic peroxygen compound, inorganic salts, organic acid, anionic detergent, fragrance and a dye. Virkon S contains a surfactant and cleans and disinfects in one step, quickly and without harmful fumes. Supplied as a space saving powder, Virkon contains no aldehydes, phenols or quaternary ammonium compounds. It is effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses and yeast

PLEASE Note: As a powder it can cause serious eye damage, irritation to the respiratory system through dust release and can be irritating to the skin and also harmful to aquatic organisms.. It is however expected not to display long term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. As a precaution, wear protective clothing.

Once in its liquid form (1% solution) it is considered non irritating with a no toxic vapour phase. Virkon S is very effective but deteriorates quickly once made into a liquid. In its active form it is pink coloured, as its effectiveness reduces so does the pink colour, usually less than a week.

Once the 50 gr sachet has been opened, transfer the contents to a clean sterile airtight glass jar and store in a cool dark place.

NOTE: Wash powder off hands immediately after use and DO NOT rub face or eyes !! In its diluted liquid state, Virkon S is totally safe.


Examples: Gluteraldeyhde is the main aldehyde seen. Wavicide and Parvocide are two such products. NB Rarely used nowadays.


Phenols are usually inexpensive but many have a strong odour and cause skin irritation. Coal tar derivatives are occasionally used and Lysol is a commercial example Chlorinated phenols are good disinfectants and are often found mixed with fragrant solutions such as pine oil. Dettol is one well known commercial preparation. Hexachlorophene is a more complex compound that is slower acting. Phisohex and Gammaphen are two commercial examples



These substances have a good activity against bacteria. They have a selective effect against viruses. They are particularly active in the presence of organic material and do not damage metal. They may also be used in combination with soaps as a general hand wash.


They are widely used as an economical general surface cleaner and disinfectant. Regular use as a hand wash will result in a good effect. Some preparations are suitable for use as a general antiseptic when diluted.


It has good activity in the presence of organic material . They have limited antifungal action. Cats may be harmed by phenolic compounds and they should not be used on or around cats


These chemicals are popular commercially and include brands such as Hibitane and Chlorhex


These substances have a good activity against bacteria, but a poor activity against spores and a limited effect against viruses. It is relatively non toxic and non irritating. It is particularly useful for treating wounds and has good antiseptic activity. For general antiseptic dilute 20 mL of CHLORHEX-'C' ( a specific brand) in 1 litre of clean water (to produce a 0.1 % w/v aqueous solution).

For preoperative skin preparation, instrument disinfection and disinfection of the surfaces of equipment, dilute 10 mL of CHLORHEX 'C' with 15 mL of clean water and make up to 100 mL with industrial methylated spirits (to produce 0.5% w/v in 70% w/v alcohol solution).

NOTE: The prepared aqueous solution should be used within one month and prepared alcohol solutions used within 12 months.

Application.  It is widely used as a skin scrub when used with a detergent. This may be used for hand washing or on skin prior to surgical procedures. It may also be used to sterilise instruments when combined with alcohol


It has good activity in the presence of organic material. Soap will cause it to be inactive. Savlon is a commercial preparation of cetrimide with chlorhexidine.

Iodine loses much of its activity in the presence of organic material. It is not widely used for general disinfection of surfaces and materials due to its yellow coloration and ability to stain. It is also far more expensive than alcohols or bleach that can be used for that purpose.


These chemicals are widely used in the community as disinfectants, but generally have a poor action. They usually contain cetrimide or benzalkonium chloride. Cetavlon, Zephiran and Pine-o-Cleen are some commercial examples. Many of these older types are not effective against viruses such as Canine Parvovirus.


These substances are actually detergents that are non-irritating. They are useful for cleaning of wounds, but have a low antiseptic activity. They are bacteriostatic (inhibit the growth of bacteria, without killing them) and have limited action against viruses and fungi.


Useful for cleaning dirty and contaminated wounds. May be useful for cleaning drinking bottles. Useful for cleaning very dirty areas such as drains and dirty floors.


They need to be thoroughly rinsed if bleach is to be used. Soap will cause them to be inactive. They should not be used for general disinfection due to their poor action. In combination with other chemicals they may have improved activity. An example is Savlon which is a commercial preparation of cetrimide with chlorhexidine. There are a new generation of quaternary ammonium chlorides which are highly effective.

F10SC is effective against Gram Positive and Gram Negative bacteria, Fungi, Yeast and Moulds, Fungal spores and Bacterial spores and Viruses including Canine Parvovirus, rabies, Newcastle disease and infectious bursal disease depending on the concentration it is made up at. It contains no hazardous ingredients, is non-irritant and has a zero hazard rating with biodegradability. F10SC a popular disinfectant with broad activity against Microbes

Trigene is effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses (including Canine Parvovirus), mycobacteria and spores. At different dilutions (for economic general purpose use at 1:200) it can be effective in the presence of soilage and blood and at 1:20 can be used for laundry soaking for 30 mins. The product is non-corrosive and may be used on rubber, vinyl and most hard surfaces. It is biodegradable.


Despite being a very effective disinfectant, pure iodine tends to be very irritant to skin and will stain most materials. It is not widely used. 


Iodophors described below are widely used. Iodophors are a more complex form of iodine that results in solutions that are not irritating to the skin and are less staining. They are widely used. Betadine (Povidone iodine is one commercial product) and is a common example.


Are used to destroy most bacteria, but is less effective against bacterial spores. It is effective against many viruses and is useful against fungi. It may be used as both a disinfectant and antiseptic.


It is generally used as a hand and arm wash when a thorough antiseptic result is required. Handling diseased animals and materials, and prior to surgery are two such situations. Betadine is available as a scrub ( ie betadine combined with a detergent) where it lathers and cleans as well as its antiseptic properties. This is used for scrubbing hands prior to surgery, and antiseptic properties on the skin. Betadine scrub should not be used in open wounds since the detergent may be irriating. Betadine solution (ie betadine without detergent) may be diluted and used in open wounds.


Iodine loses much of its activity in the presence of organic material. It is not widely used for general disinfection of surfaces and materials due to its yellow coloration and ability to stain. It is also far more expensive than alcohols or bleach that can be used for that purpose.


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Gold Laced Wyandotte

this images is of a red Wyandottes roaster

Virkon "S"  advanced farm disinfectant

When Virkon S was launched in 1986, it was the most advanced farm disinfectant for its time. It was one of the first oxidative disinfectants to be used on the farm and continues to lead the way in poultry biosecurity, having been deployed successfully against 500 disease-causing pathogens. For nearly 30 years, Virkon S has set new benchmarks in many important aspects of biosecurity, from improved handling and operator safety profiles, to proven on-farm efficiency and application flexibility. Add to this the excellent stability and long shelf life of the powder-based formulation, and it is easy to see why governments the world over keep stocks of Virkon™ S for emergency disease-control purposes . Virkon S was originally developed to specifically address the practical biosecurity requirements of modern-day farming and livestock production. The powerful capabilities of peroxygen-based chemistry in the formulation of Virkon™ S provide a broad spectrum of efficiency with specific focus against viral disease-causing pathogens.

An Industry-leading science recognised by governments worldwide.

Virkon S is a scientific breakthrough with performance characteristics that have defined biosecurity standards. Not surprisingly, Virkon S is the choice of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Governments worldwide to secure biosecurity and strengthen emergency

disease control (EDC) contingency planning.

The Australian and New Zealand governments’ AUSVETPLAN is probably the best-regarded EDC reference source. Virkon™ S continues to be the

only branded disinfectant referred to in the 2008 AUSVETPLAN, stating that “Virkon™ S is a modern disinfectant with outstanding virucidal properties.” It is proven:

  • To kill over 500 strains of viruses, bacteria, and fungi
  • Against Newcastle disease, avian influenza, Salmonella, and ampylobacter.
  • To be powerful, fast acting, flexible, multipurpose biosecurity.

For Salmonella, studies confirm that Virkon™ S is highly active against five prevalent strains responsible for food poisoning. The broad spectrum

efficacy of Virkon™ S has been independently proven against:

  • Over 100 strains of viruses in 22 viral families
  • Over 400 strains of bacteria
  • Over 60 strains of fungi. For Salmonella, studies confirm that Virkon™ S is highly active against five prevalent strains responsible for food poisoning.

10 reasons to put Virkon™ S at the heart

of poultry farm biosecurity.

  • Virkon S redefines and enhances farm biosecurity and leads the way forward in emergency disease control measures.
  • 2. Approved by governments worldwide to combat major diseases, such as FMD, PRRS virus, PEDV, highly pathogenic avian influenza, infectious bursal disease, and more.
  • 3. The only branded disinfectant referred by USVETPLAN, Australia and New Zealand’s emergency disease control plan.
  • 4. The gold standard foot dip disinfectant that kills pathogens 10 times faster than the nearest competitor, even at low temperatures and in the presence of organic challenge
  • 5. Independently proven in field trials to be highly effective against the most serious threat to livestock: viruses
  • 6. No need to rotate; highly effective against the potential infectivity of resistant Salmonella superstrains
  • 7. Superior operator safety profile; can be misted in the presence of animals
  • 8. Formulated to include ingredients that have been carefully selected for their ability to degrade naturally within the environment
  • 9Easy to store and to transport by rail, sea, and air, with no additional spend requirements for storage or transport
  • 10. Biosecurity in a single pack for surfaces, equipment, vehicles, aerial disinfection, and water delivery systems

Contact Paradise Wyandottes for all your Poultry, Equine or Farm supplies of 

  • Virkon S World recognised Anti Viral disinfectant for Poultry & Equine uses.
  • 95% Pure Amorphous Silica Diatomaceous Earth.
  • Molodri Diatomite and Powdered Molasses feed Supplement and Viral organic disinfectant.
  • Granulated Diatomite for Fish tanks and Bonzaii plant settings.
  • Organic Palagonite Gardening and Paddock trace element soil enrichment product also used as a natural PH balance.

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